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Parkside Chalet

Address, Directions, and Contact Info
WhatsApp +81.080.3311.6793

Property Information


Welcome to the Parkside Chalet. The house was built by a Tokyo-based architect and has an open dining area for entertainment, five large bedrooms, and a children’s game room; and is ideal for families and groups.

Check In

Check-in  anytime after 3pm.

ETA: Please let us know  your ETA. Knowing your schedule helps us prepare for any unexpected emergencies.

Door Code: We offer self-check via a keypad door code and will send you an access code a few days before your arrival.

  • To unlock: 1) Press the keypad and the numbers will light up. 2) Type in your code  3) Press the unlock key on the lower right corner.
  • To lock: When the door is closed, press the unlock key for 1 second and the door will lock.  The door will also automatically lock after 2 minutes.

Check Out

Check-out is 10am. 

With the continuing Virus precautions, we ask that you kindly remove your bedding (pillow cases, sheets, and duvet cover) and place on each bed.

In addition, please lend a hand with these items before you leave:

  • Leave used towels in the bathrooms
  • Place dirty dishes in the dishwasher
  • Close and lock all windows and doors
  • Double, then, Triple check for all your belongings

We hope you had an amazing stay. Any comments or suggestions, let us know.


Please park on OUR driveway. There is enough space for three cars.

NOTE: Furano B&B’s driveway is adjacent to our driveway. If you park in their driveway, their guests won’t be able to access the B&B and everyone will be very grumpy.  Spread joy, not grumpiness.


Network: BieiLife

Password: LoveHokkaido

We provide NTT Hikari Fiber internet  with a Linksys Mesh network across all three floors. Our NTT  fibre service is fast (1Gbs) and usually reliable, but we have experienced intermittent problems during storms and other weather related situations.

Emergency Contact

In an Emergency

Dial 119 (ambulance/fire engine) for fire, injury, or sudden illness

Dial 110 (police) for traffic accidents or crimes

Do not delay if you feel an emergency situation has arisen.

  1. In case of a fire Exit the property as quickly as possible,
  2. Ensure that all persons are accounted for,
  3. Do not attempt to re-enter the building until a Fire Officer states that it is safe to do so.

Assistance For Non-Japanese speakers

The Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO) operates a visitor hotline 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Call for assistance in the case of accidents and emergencies. Support is available in English, Chinese, Korean, and Japanese

Fire Extinguishers and Smoke Detectors 

  • There is a fire extinguisher at the front door entrance
  • There are smoke detectors throughout the property
  • A carbon dioxide detector is located near the fireplace
Medical & Illness

Medicines and First Aid Kit

  • A first-aid kit is available on the top shelf of the 1st floor bathroom cabinet.
  • The local 7-11, Lawsons, and Seicomart all carry basic supplies like pain relievers.
  • Tsuruha Drug is a 5-minute drive away and sells all sorts of medicines.


The nearest hospital is:

Furano West Hospital
〒076-0038 北海道富良野市桂木町2−77

Downtown Furano

Furano Kyōkai Hospital
〒076-8765 北海道富良野市住吉町1−30

The hospitals have limited English-language ability, but make an A+ effort to help.

House rules

Common Sense, Good Judgement and Respect go a long way to ensuring an enjoyable holiday.

Please follow these rules throughout your stay

  • Please remove your shoes when entering the house. We have provided slippers to wear inside the house.
  • Recycle. Make a best effort to separate your garbage into food waste, burnables, plastics, and cans & bottles. We have provided these four separate bins under the kitchen sink.
  • No smoking on the property, including e-cigarettes.
Heating & Cooling

Conserve Today to Enjoy Tomorrow

Japan and Hokkaido are energy challenged, and we are taking concrete steps to conserve our energy usage. We recently installed heat pumps in our properties and upgraded our boilers to wifi so they can be turned on and off as occupancy changes.

For the summer season:

We programmed our units to maintain a daytime temperature of 25º celsius.

If you need a different temperature, please let us know ahead of time and we can do our best to accomodate.

For the winter season:

  • We programmed our units to maintain a daytime temperature of 22º celsius from 6am to 11pm.
  • During the night, we allow the temperature to drop to 15º.

Our duvets are warm, the majority of our guests love sleeping in cooler temperatures, but if you feel that the temperatures are not adequate for an enjoyable stay, please let us know and we can make adjustments.

To help:

  • Close bedroom doors when not in use.
  • Close the front door and the main sliding door to the living area.
  • Use the fireplace for enjoyment, not for heating.

The Fireplace

☕️ Hot cocoa, 🎶 music, 🛋️ bean bag pillows to lounge on, and a 🔥 fireplace – it doesn’t get any better on a chilly evening.

The fireplace remote control is above the fireplace and a simple on/off button can start/stop the magic.

Floor Heating

The living room floor has radiant heating and the controller is on the deck side wall next to the couch.  There is an on/off button with temperature control.

Be considerate when using both the fireplace and radiant floor heating and remember to turn them off when not in the room.  Energy usage, like magic, has both positive and negative affects.

Music and Entertainment

🎶 Sonos Music

There is a Sonos Play 5 Speaker on top of the fireplace.  As long as you are connected to the house WiFi, all major music providers including Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Prime, will stream to the speaker.

Apple AirPlay

Spotify Connect

📺 Google TV

The TCL TV in the downstairs media room runs Google TV, which means, as long as you are connected to the house WiFi, you can stream/cast from your own device (phone, computer, tablet) to the TV. You will need your own subscription to Netflix, Amazon Prime, Apple TV, YouTube Premium, etc.

Google TV Help

🎮 PlayStation 4

We have downloaded free to play games (Fortnite,  Fall Guys, Rocket League) on the PlayStation 4.  Your kids will know how to use it.  If not, let them figure it out while you enjoy your drinks. Rule #1: No Motivation to figure it out, No Play.

To help, you can switch the TV input to HDMI 1 (PlayStation), then close the door and come back in a few hours.



The property has an AEG Laundry machine located in the 1st floor washroom.  The controls are in English. There is detergent on the counter.

For drying, the washroom has a laundry rack, which lowers from the ceiling. See image below.   We have also placed a dehumidifier in the room to help expedite the drying.


The property has an AEG dishwasher in the kitchen with detergent next to the kitchen sink.  AUTO is a user’s best friend and we suggest to stay with the AUTO function.